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"SunDay Solar is a company with integrity.  They provide extraordinary communication, timeliness, expert installation and have a team of solid employees.  If you're considering adding solar to your energy mix, and looking for a company who will *not* try to sell you more than you really need -- or upsell you mid-project -- Call SunDay Solar."

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You can trust our experienced crew to provide a safe and quick solar installation.

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We are happy to walk you through the solar process. From your initial questions about tax benefits and electrical savings to the final meter check.

Harness the power of the sun and start saving money through a more energy-efficient home. And with Charlottesville real estate tax credits, you can save even more!

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Are the tax credits still available for solar?

Yes, the 30% federal tax credit that has helped to bring the cost of solar down for years is still available through 2019. After 2019, the amount of tax credit steadily goes down over a course of years to 0.

What other incentives are available for Solar Installations?

It depends on where your home, business, or farm is located. Each customer situation is unique, and we tailor solutions to make the most of available incentives resulting in the best solar system with the best return on investment (ROI).

Are solar panels the right solution for my home?

All homes have a solar opportunity, just some are better than others. Ideally, a south-facing roof with no shading will make the most solar power per square foot of roof. But we earn our living by finding creative ways to make the most of your unique situation.

How long are solar systems warranted?

Our installer warranty is 10 years and covers the labor it takes to replace any faulty equipment that may go bad or fix any problems related to the solar system. The Manufacturer’s warranty covers the cost of the parts associated with the replacement of faulty equipment.

How long should the solar system last?

A solar system properly designed and installed should last a very long time (minimum 25 years). We have customers who are still using systems that were installed in the 70’s. So when purchasing a solar system consider that you will be providing clean energy for what seems like forever.

How do I compare one solar quote to another?

To compare quotes, first, compare the price per watt charged for a system. If this number is not provided in the quote, simply divide the total price of the quote by the size of the system in watts. ie: a 10kW (1,000watt) system costing $25,000 is ($25,000/10,000) Watts or $2.50 a watt.

We Find The Best Solution

 Every home is unique. We take the time to asses your property, what your needs are, and your budget to find the best solution for your individual home. 

"They designed and installed a 44-panel system on our roof with battery backup in the basement.  The work was very clean and carefully done.  We have a 200-year-old house and a metal roof, which they were very careful not to damage.  The system works great, and now we are making all our own energy, and sending the extra back to the power company."

Greg Sullivan

 No Corners Cut

Our team pays attention to all the small and important details.  Once our systems are installed, you know that with the precision and care we take, it will be up and running without a hitch for the long term. 

We Educate Our Clients

Solar power can sound like a complicated topic. There are many elements of a project to consider, from grants and tax breaks to total energy savings. We take the time to answer all your questions before, during, and after a project to help you feel at ease.

We want to make solar work for you and it all starts with a Free Solar Assessment.

We know the ins and outs of solar panel installation. With experience installing panels in all kinds of residential properties, we can advise you on the most effective route to take and provide a free assessment to help you make your decision.  

On top of this, we have been operating in the Virginia area for over 10 years. We stay up-to-date on all the latest solar regulations and can help you find those essential tax breaks that will make your project more affordable and benefit you over the long-term.

You can trust our experienced crew with a safe and quick solar installation.

Our crews have experience with any roof or array and are known for professionalism and efficiency.  

We have been serving the Virginia community's solar needs since the founding of Sunday Solar in 2010.  Owner, Richard Crisler, has overseen every installation and has the experience necessary to install any system. Every project undertaken is assisted by his knowledge and expertise. You can rest easy knowing your solar installation is in good hands with our team.

Our unparalleled customer service and quality of work are echoed by the thousands of families saving money in Charlottesville since Sunday Solar was founded over 10 years ago.